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Up next in iTunes… Magic Key Combinations

Posted by on February 15, 2013 | Comments Off on Up next in iTunes… Magic Key Combinations

I’ve just discovered another use for the magical “Option” key in iTunes 11 that is pretty nifty: hold it down to change the “Play” icon…

iTunes album in Artist view

iTunes album in Artist view

… into a button that will add your selection to the “Up Next” queue.

iTunes add to queue icon.

Hold down “Option” to reveal the hidden button!

It also works on individual tracks – mouse over the track number to reveal the same icon 🙂


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Accented characters in Lion

Posted by on July 29, 2011 | Comments Off on Accented characters in Lion

A new feature in Lion, sure to save a lot of time, comes via the excellent macosxhints.com.

To use an accented character, such as é or ö, just hold down the key of the “base” letter. After a few moments, a bubble will appear. You can then either click on the character you need, or use the left / right arrow keys on the keyboard to select it, followed by the space-bar to insert the letter.

For those dinosaurs still stuck on previous versions of the OS, you can find all the characters you might require by going to the “Language and Text” panel in your System Preferences. Under the “Input Sources” tab, you should find something called “Keyboard and Character Viewer”. Check the box next to it to turn it on, and you should see a new menu icon appear at the top right of your display. There you’ll find the Character Viewer, full of exciting new things you can enhance your text-life with. Keyboard Viewer is kind of fun, too. Watch what happens to the characters on the keys when you hold down the “option”, “control” and “shift” keys on your keyboard, singly and in combinations… So exciting!!

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