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Final Cut Pro X, Sony HXR-NX70u and 1080p60 video

Posted by on March 12, 2012 | Comments Off on Final Cut Pro X, Sony HXR-NX70u and 1080p60 video

“Trial and error” is what it’s all about.
If you have clips shot in 1080p at +/- 60fps, and saved as AVCHD, Final Cut Pro X will not recognise the camera’s storage (internal, SD card or “archived”) as a valid “Camera” from which to import video (sometimes it would complain about the directory structure being incorrect, instead). If you have accidentally switched from a lower frame rate partway through period in between computers, you will be unable to import ANY of your clips in the usual way until those 60p clips are removed from the source.
Naturally, the Sony seems to mount it’s internal storage as read-only in the Finder. Fortunately for me, the files I was looking for were easily identified as a block, backed up to my hard drive, and then deleted from the camera via it’s own built-in interface. Once the offending files were removed, Final Cut sprang back into life.
Look for another post on how to salvage those 60p clips, imminently!

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Digital Watchdog DW Mac ACS preferences

Posted by on September 15, 2011 | Comments Off on Digital Watchdog DW Mac ACS preferences

A client using Digital Watchdog‘s VMAX system for video-monitoring of his home has recently been having troubles getting his settings to “stick” in the Mac client app. We eventually found the file in the user’s Document’s folder, named “dwacssite.lst”. Deleting this file, or altering it’s permissions to allow read / write access should restore control to you.

If you own a compatible Digital Watchdog DVR box, you can download the Mac ACS app from their website. They also provide a free iOS client.

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