Lost in a Sea of Information: Scrollbars in Lion

Posted by on August 13, 2011
A Finder window sans scroll-bars

No Scroll-Bars: Where are all my files?!

By default, Lion is set up to do away with those pesky scrollbars that look so ugly, and take up space at the edges of our windows. Aesthetically, this works well with the new Full Screen mode available to modern Apps, but unfortunately it can also lead to confusion for the user when they fail to intuit that there is more to the folder, or document, than first met the eye.


A Finder window with scroll-bars.

Scroll-Bars Enabled: You mean there's more to this folder?!


Of course, once you start scrolling with your mouse or trackpad, the bars will appear, but will fade away again as soon as you stop. You can adjust your Mac’s settings to show the scroll-bars all the time in the “General” pane of your System Preferences, under the Apple Menu.

A Finder window with scroll-bars and the status bar enabled

Scroll Bars & Status Bar: Now I know exactly what's occurin'


Another useful setting to know about is the Finder’s “Status Bar”, which lets you know exactly how many items are in the folder you’re looking at, as well as how much free space you currently have on the disk it’s stored on. You can show or hide the Status Bar from the “View” menu in the Finder…



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