Safari 5.0 speed issues, and potential resolution

Posted by on July 6, 2010

Since updating to Safari 5.0, I’ve noticed that it seems to hang frequently, partway through loading new pages, but before blanking the window or displaying any of the new information. Sometimes it will work its own way through the slowdown, but more often I find myself forced to click back and then forward again, or hitting refresh multiple times, in an attempt to force the page to load.

According to a piece on today, the problem is “anecdotally” traceable to Safari being a little overzealous in its attempts to anticipate our every need, and dispatching what many ISPs’ servers deem to be an excessive number of DNS requests in preparation for the user’s next click. The solution, as seems to be the vogue at the moment, is to direct your computer to make use of the free, and incredibly useful, OpenDNS service.

To use the OpenDNS servers instead of the ones provided by your local router:

Open up “System Preferences” from the Apple menu
Select “Network”
Select your active network interface. This would be the one at the top of the list on the left, with a green light next to it – usually AirPort or Ethernet…
Click on “Advanced options…”
Click on “DNS”
Click the “+” button at the bottom left of the DNS pane, and then type into the text box.
Click the “+” button again, and type into the second box.
Click “OK”
Click “Apply”

et… voilá! Safari 5, with all the speed I had come to expect: no need to try to downgrade to version 4!

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