NVidia GeForce 7300 GT Issues

Posted by on December 24, 2010

Pierre Igot tracks an apparent issue with 7300GT video cards in Mac Pros here, here and here.

Although his problems seem to be gone now, he mentions “channel exceptions” in the system log, garbled display, and intermittent freezing, resolved only by a restart. Trouble began with 10.5.6 update. Card was reseated and dust removed, and software updates applied. Notes that NVidia seem to be working on a replacement driver for Mac OS X, available here.

Similar issues (intermittent hang, often on startup, video distortion / line on screen in WIndows & OSX after startup) with own recent client resolved by:

• Unplugging portable external hard drive from powered USB hub, also attached to several other high power devices.
• Rolled back recently failed install of driver updates in Windows Vista, under BootCamp.

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