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Adding an attachment to your automated replies in

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The "Rules" settings in Mail's preferences

Set up your auto-response

A colleague in an online forum recently asked how he could replicate the ability of Eudora (his old email client) ability to “set up a rule which would allow me to have any emails sent to a specific email address autoreplied with a little message and a PDF attachment. Then the emails were moved to a specific folder.” While he knew that he could use Mail’s “Rules” to automatically respond to and file incoming messages, he couldn’t see any way of adding an attachment to the text of his reply. There were a couple of suggestions from other members of the group, mostly centered around the use of AppleScript or Automator, but my solution in this case ¬†was much simpler: did you know that you can put an attachment in your “Signature”?

The full solution would be as follows:-

First, set up your “Rule”…

And then, in the “Signatures” pane, create a signature for the desired email account, and drag the file that you want attached into the composition area!

Adding an attachment to a signature.

Adding an attachment to a signature.



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