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TechBeast: iTunes Match syncing hell

Posted by on February 12, 2012 | Comments Off on TechBeast: iTunes Match syncing hell

An interesting post at delves into issues experienced with iTunes Match, syncing, and data duplication, as well as offering up some really useful tips on how you can use Automator to help you fix your iTunes library.

Thanks Gavin!

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Printing and Chrome

Posted by on January 8, 2012 | Comments Off on Printing and Chrome

As Safari continues to choke on Flash-centric websites, and Firefox has lost my interest, I have found myself daily more reliant on Google’s Chrome browser on my Mac. One of it’s “features” is the built in printer handling, which inserts itself between the user and the “how do I make it all fit on the same page?” button.
A screenshot of Chrome's print dialogue.
To bypass Chrome’s “Print Dialogue”, hold down the Option / Alt key when you select “Print” from the “File” menu, or use the keyboard shortcut “Command-Option-P”. This will take you straight to the regular Mac-style “Print Dialogue”, where you can make all of your usual adjustments.

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If This Then That – An Automator for Social Networking Sites

Posted by on October 2, 2011 | Comments Off on If This Then That – An Automator for Social Networking Sites

Last week, Rui at Tao of Mac posted a quick piece about which piqued my curiosity. After a bit of a play with it, I think it’s got huge potential for improving many people’s experience of the current crop of social media sites and cloud-based services.

The geekier among you may remember Yahoo!‘s Pipes – a similarly conceived service from a few years back. IFTTT presents, to my view, a much more user friendly way to access pre-defined, online information sources such as Flickr, Google Calendar, Twitter, RSS feeds, FaceBook, and even phone calls, SMS messages and email, and automatically perform an action based on triggers that you define. You can create your own “Tasks” by working through a simple wizard, or choose from a huge library of  “Recipes” shared by other users.

It’s a matter of minutes to arrange to receive an automated phone call whenever you have an upcoming appointment containing a certain keyword… Simple to syndicate synopses of your latest blog post to twitter, or make sure that your FaceBook and Google+ accounts are in accord with one another, if you’re still straddling that fence 😉

The application that most struck me, was the ability to create new calendar appointments / events based on 4square checkins from your phone – a fantastic way to keep track of your own actual schedule, vs. the imaginary one that you started the day with in iCal. You can then even sync iCal with Google Calendar, view both calendars side by side, and then come to a shocking realisation about your awful time-management skills…

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Firefox colour woes

Posted by on December 24, 2010 | Comments Off on Firefox colour woes

Today, I thought I took a whole pile of beautiful photos. Turns out, they weren’t quite as marvellous as I thought.

“No problemo,” says I, “I’ll just fix them up in Aperture, and they’ll be right as rain. Then I can Flickr ’em, and it’ll all be swell.”

… Mere minutes later, checking on the end results of the Flickr upload, I’m horrified to find dull, lifeless colours, vaguely resembling my pre-edit snaps. Misery! Disappointment! Cup of tea!

Re-editing, exporting, flattening, versioning, uploading with a different client: none of these seemed to help. It all looks great until it’s online. At every turn, I am defeated by drabness. Flickr forums to the rescue!

EVERYBODY needs to do this (or my photos will look bad ;P):

Type “about:config” into the location bar in Firefox.

OK through the “you’ll break your stuff button” guff.

Search for “gfx.color_management.enabled” anddouble click on where it says “False,” to change it to “True’

Restart Firefox, and check out my beautiful photos!

Thanks Patrick Costello @ flickr forums and mozillalinks!

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